Watching the Olympics Makes Me Want to Work Out More

Shoes and dumbbell.

Working out is fun. For professionals.

Hello everyone and welcome to my new personal blog. Here, you will find entries about the things that I want to write about. It’ll be funny and witty and sometimes insightful. But right now, I just want to talk about my body image.

I posed a question to my partner earlier today: “Do you think the Olympics makes people go to the gym more?”

Response: “No. It probably makes them sit and watch more television. That’s what it’s doing to me.”

Me: “Well, it motivates the heck out of me. Those Olympians sure do work out a lot.”

See – I told you this blog would be insightful…

Yes, Danielle, they do work out a lot. They also get paid to work out. A lot. You… not so much.

Well I think it’s a good reaction to have. If I have to watch beautiful bodies parading around being the very best in what they do, I could at least try harder to do what I do better. So I am running more and lifting more weight. Surely in a few months, I too will be on television. I’ll let you know when to tune in.

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