Ideas: Photography Matters, or, I Want to Make That!

Just found this blog post from America’s Test Kitchen, which by the way, is by far my FAVORITE cooking recipe site. Their recipes are flawless. And though they are a little labor intensive, trust me: it’s definitely always worth it.

But I’m writing this today because they posted a photo that literally made me go, “WOOOOOOOW.” That, in case you don’t speak Danielle, is a mix of “WOW” and “OOOH.” Which is to say, I got excited.

Stuffed Mushrooms make me go gaga.

Now if that doesn’t make you want to EAT THOSE MUSHROOMS, then you are a samba step away from crazytown, my friend. Get it checked out. Because this is an awesome photograph.

K now I’m going back to work.


My Multimedia Life

The Cricket in Dilek Park

The cricket in Dilek National Park.

In a difficult job market like the Bay Area, and a difficult economic time like today, it’s not enough to be good at one thing. I love social media. And though I don’t have direct experience in social media, I know I would be great at it. And I have done what I can to link my social and professional life together online. I’ve edited my LinkedIn profile, created a pretty consistent Twitter personality (though that’s a work in progress), decided to keep my Facebook profile personal, linked my Flickr and YouTube to my email, etc.

But in the Bay Area, it’s not enough. Which is why I’ve decided to do more, beginning with a Photo of the Day recurring series.  Continue reading