This Week’s Recipe for Happiness

Don't worry, be happy!There are people and situations out there that are going to make you feel small and worthless.


Here’s my recipe for happiness this week.

Stop. Just stop.

I was feeling really sorry and pathetic when I got to work yesterday morning. I’m completely demotivated and I feel like not only does my boss not value me, but my entire career so far has been a waste. And it’s just not true.

Everyone goes through this from time to time, especially when trapped in a situation like a job that makes you feel totally disempowered.

Stop feeling that way. It’s not them making you feel that way, it’s you. So change it. Here are my three personal goals for the next few months. If this applies to how you are feeling, dear reader, then awesome.

  1. Get happy. Do whatever it takes to put that big goofy grin back on your face. If that means jelly beans or listening to silly music instead of the news in the morning, so be it. Add a bunch of comedians to your Twitter feed. Change your podcast routine. The education can wait.
  2. Make things you believe in. Blog. A lot. Make videos. Those super creative people you read about on the Writer’s Almanac didn’t sit around at their boring jobs and feel useless. They wrote. Cook. Take pictures. Make music videos. Whatever.
  3. Start talking to everyone. Meet new people, particularly at places you want to work in the future. Don’t be afraid to reach out to that person you’ve been thinking of reaching out to. Nothing bad is going to happen. Stop with the fear.

That’s it for my motivational speech. Here’s to overcoming the self-doubt that plagues us from time to time. Let it drive you, not slam on your brakes.

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