My Multimedia Life

The Cricket in Dilek Park

The cricket in Dilek National Park.

In a difficult job market like the Bay Area, and a difficult economic time like today, it’s not enough to be good at one thing. I love social media. And though I don’t have direct experience in social media, I know I would be great at it. And I have done what I can to link my social and professional life together online. I’ve edited my LinkedIn profile, created a pretty consistent Twitter personality (though that’s a work in progress), decided to keep my Facebook profile personal, linked my Flickr and YouTube to my email, etc.

But in the Bay Area, it’s not enough. Which is why I’ve decided to do more, beginning with a Photo of the Day recurring series. 

I have this fancy camera that I bought back when I was about to go on vacation in Turkey. It is a beauty, and I even took a class to learn how to use it (well, a very similar model). And use it, I did. I took 1800 photos in two weeks, of which I decided to keep about 1300 that were actually decent. Once I got home, I kept taking photos. I took it on hikes, I took it on walks. I am even debating taking it on my daily commute. There’s always something to photograph if you look closely, and I am beginning to see art in common things. That’s how I know I could be a great photographer someday. I just probably need to take a few more classes and learn how to take great photos and make them even greater. But for now, I’m just going to take a photo a day (maybe more), put them up on Flickr, and embed them in my blog for all to see.

I have many other ideas for media to create, including a video podcast series to put up on YouTube that I will reveal at a later date. For now, just enjoy the photos and see life through my lens.

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