Ideas: The Time to Act is Now

gunAnother day, another senseless tragedy in America, as an armed gunman walked into an elementary school in Newtown, CT and opened fire on teachers and students. White House spokesman Jay Carney responds by saying that now is not the time to talk about gun control or gun reform.

Really? Because now seems like EXACTLY the right time to talk about gun violence and the grave need to reduce the number of guns out there.

I’m tired of living in a nation where events like this are greeted with, “This is a tragedy, let’s heal,” and then never talk about what caused the incident in the first place. We are a nation that doesn’t address problems. We are a nation that barely talks about them. This needs to end.

Let’s come together and take a fresh look at our problems. We have a serious problem with mental healthcare, no doubt. But more immediately, we need to address the denial Americans have about the seriousness of our gun addiction.

Yes, people kill people. But they do it with guns. Face it. We have too many guns. We need to stop bending over backwards to protect gun rights. It should be extremely difficult to get a gun, with waiting periods, multiple background checks and assessments of sanity. They are DANGEROUS and they hurt people. Why should it be easy to get?

And can we all agree that guns don’t make anyone safer? If someone comes into my home with a gun and wants to rob me, you think that me having a gun in my dresser makes me safer? Even if I could get to it to defend myself and kill someone, is that something to be proud of? I should be proud that I stood up for myself and ended someone else’s life? This line of argument is RIDICULOUS.

Gun violence is always tragic. Death is always tragic. Let’s stop pretending that we know what a criminal looks like. Because we don’t. All I know is that if a criminal has a gun and wants to kill me for whatever reason, I don’t have a chance. And I don’t feel safe in a world like that.

Create a petition. Sign this one. Talk to your friends and to others on social media. Let’s stop this.

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