Danielle’s Horrible Awful No Good Very Bad Morning

I am having a bad day. Below are the series of failures from my first hour of being awake. Feel free to read them for schadenfreude. I won’t judge you.

It all started last night.
Before bed, I put all of the ingredients in the breadmaker so that I would have fresh bread in the morning when I woke up. But I neglected to put the kneading blade on the spindle, so all anything could do was sit in the breadmaker and burn. It was all a waste. Fail.

The frying pan that I make my eggs in was dirty, so I had to use another one that wasn’t non-stick. And naturally, I didn’t use enough butter. So my eggs burned in some places, were still white in others. Fail.

I had a Tupperware full of frozen soup that I was going to take to my class this morning for lunch later. I dropped it on the ground and broke the lid. Fail.

Then I forgot that the morning Saturday transit schedule is more restrictive than the regular Saturday schedule and there are no direct San Francisco trains, and they are only every 20 minutes. So I was already going to be late to class.

Then, naturally, I missed the train that would have gotten me there about 15 minutes late. So I’m going to be 30 minutes late. Fail.

It could not possibly get worse. Could it?

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