Board Match

Looking for a way to practice skills you’ve picked up along the way, but can’t use them at work? Want to help great organizations raise the money they need to have a significant, positive impact on your community?

Join a Board of Directors!

Last night, I set out to do just that.

I attended Board Match, an event sponsored by The Volunteer Center to get young professionals involved in philanthropy, and to help worthy organizations grow their boards of directors. I met representatives from four organizations helping children get involved with the performing arts.

When I told two women that I played the violin, their eyes lit up. Then when I said I worked in fundraising, their eyes lit up even brighter.

I also told the orgs that I was looking for opportunities where I could leverage the knowledge I had acquired in marketing to actually execute campaigns in social media, they asked for my business card.

I handed them a resume and I blew the doors off the place. “Wow, you’re really prepared! Awesome!”

I felt really special. Like a precious commodity. Which any job seeker can tell you is worth its emotional weight in gold.

There are so many organizations out there dying for volunteers who can help them reach that next level. If you have skills that non-profits are looking for, anything like writing, marketing – or lots of rich friends – look into joining a board. It’s bound to make you feel as special as you really are. And you’ll be doing great work in the process.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

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