Remember Your Audience

I am a lover of technology. It’s part of every aspect of my life. When I dream about how my life could be better, tech is always a part of that equation. Not just gadgets, but workflows that would make me more efficient, and more productive. It led me to IFTTT, which I am testing out with this blog post today.

So when I approach work, even as a non-profit communicator and fundraiser, I tend to over-complicate things in my head. I did it today.
What is the newest and neatest, I thought? How can I deliver the best possible experience? I got so wrapped up thinking about scenarios and researching things that I panicked.

And then I remembered my audience. Not highly technical. All I want is a nice way to display the assets I created. Yes, a flashy website would be nice, but that’s for when I have more time. We chose this way for a reason and it needs to get done.

Stop overthinking, I told myself, and get back to the basics. What is the story you are trying to communicate, and how is that best conveyed?

So today’s takeaway: Don’t let the fear of the unknown paralyze action on the present project. And if there’s something you want to do differently but don’t have time to do now, make a note of it. But focus on the present. Do your best to accomplish your main objective: telling the story you want to tell.

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