Ahh, Spring is Here

Winter is over; we survived! Spring is such a happy time. The weather turns nicer, or a little rainy in our case here in Northern California, but not for long. The sun is warmer and the flowers are out. I know this first-hand because I was running a few days ago and a flowering tree smacked me directly in the face with its flowers.

And they smelled great!

Yes, spring is a time of optimism. It’s almost unfair that the New Year begins in the winter, the darkest, coldest month of the year. It should really start in mid-March.

Spring is also a time when we get outdoors and enjoy the weather. Running moves from treadmill to sidewalk, and hiking and biking become doable.

All of this time outdoors means less time on digital devices, less time thinking about the things you have to do and more time thinking about what you want to do.

Or at least, that is my hope for you, blog reader. Go yonder, explore a new path, and make sure to stop and smell the flowers along the way.

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