Photo of the Day: Walking the Golden Gate Bridge

IMG_6369We walked the Golden Gate Bridge on Saturday and took some cool photos. The one to my left is my favorite. I think it captures that a) the Golden Gate Bridge is really long, b) it is lovely on the Marin side, and c) it is terrifyingly high.

All along the walk across, there are signs saying, essentially, Believe us, you don’t want to jump. Call these people instead. They’ll help you. Please don’t jump. My favorite sign – one for the “duh” category – was, “The consequences of jumping are fatal and tragic.” It’s a nice message that says, you’re worth something, don’t do this. Continue reading


My Ideal Work Environment

Ask any job candidate what he or she is looking for in a work environment, and he or she will probably say some version of this (at least, this is what I’ve heard so many times):

“I want to work in a team, where people help each other out and there’s a strong group dynamic.”

Lots of people say this, as did I, but it has taken me awhile to realize what it really means to me.  Continue reading

American Rollie Pollies

I was walking to work this morning and saw a number of rollie pollies. You know, the bugs that, when scared or threatened, roll up into a little ball. When I was a kid, I used to sit there and watch the terrified little creatures curl up as I poked at them with a stick, not really understanding the cruelty in what I was doing.

Now that I’ve heard another dose of bad national news, I am beginning to empathize with the rollie pollies.

Continue reading