…And we’re off!

Danielle here. I am writing this entry from San Francisco International Airport, at the beginning of our voyage around the world. Our flight to Honolulu boards in 30 minutes, and then from there it’s on to Auckland. Rebecca and I have everything we need for our trip now, so we are all ready to go!

For many of you, this will be your first experience with my blog. So welcome! Here’s a brief introduction to the cast of characters. Me, the author, and my wife Rebecca, the occasional commentator. Maybe I’ll get her to guest blog a few times in the next six months for her myriad fans. As we meet other characters, I’ll introduce you to them.

I’m hoping this trip will be a little like Canterbury Tales, with strange and interesting people, new foods, and odd language. Though I’m not much for Middle English myself, so I’ll probably just stick with the familiar in that regard.

I’ve never been a very good traveler. I overpack, I worry too much, and I’m not usually the best person with whom to walk around for hours. But this trip will be about leaving that behind and becoming a backpacker, more open to new experiences and more amenable to life’s little inconveniences. Things will surely go wrong, but adulthood is about rolling with the punches. It is no longer acceptable to have a fit in the mall when you are tired, for instance. Luckily the only one I usually have fits around anymore is Rebecca. Last night was an especially pointless freak out. I couldn’t even remember why I was freaking out as I was doing it. Didn’t stop me from being ridiculous, though. So, on to new things and a better, more worldly me!

Current pack weight: 29 lbs.

8 thoughts on “…And we’re off!

  1. Have a super time! I’ll be reading about your adventures here. What are the major stops on your itinerary? Richard and I loved New Zealand. Cheers, Christine

    • Hey Christine, we did Auckland, Rotorua, and Waitomo cave rafting. Now we are on our way to Taupo for a little hiking, then we’lre headed to Wellington and then on to the South island for Abel Tasman. Then we’re off to Asia for 5 months, to be determined. (:

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