Marketing at Work: McDonald’s Georgie Pie

One key aspect of marketing is market product differentiation. In other words, if you have a company with a presence in multiple markets, you need to make sure people in each market have a product that fits their lifestyle. So for one demographic, you have one product, and for another, you have another. In one country, you have one mix of product offerings, and in another country, you have something different, all based on your customers. Therefore, I present to you, the McDonald’s Georgie Pie.

All over New Zealand, you will find some version of what I would call a pot pie. The vegetarian version has veggies and cheesy cream sauce, and the meat version has beef, lamb or pork, all baked together with a sauce inside a beautiful buttery, flaky pie crust. It’s delicious, and I recommend you try a few to see which ones you like.

So, if you are McDonald’s, and your American menu doesn’t offer any pie that isn`t apple, what do you do? You create, or in this case acquire, a new product to sell in New Zealand, the meat pie. According to the advertising we saw upon our arrival, the Georgie Pie had just returned from a long hiatus out of New Zealand, so it was not new as much as on a comeback tour of sorts. McDonald’s apparently purchased the company awhile ago and is bringing its classic pie back to New Zealanders. Whether it was back, and on the McDonald’s menu, by popular demand or not remains to be seen.

I generally avoid fast food while traveling because usually whatever they eat is good enough for me, so sadly, I cannot give you a review of the meat pie. But it was good to see that market research is alive and kicking on that side of the world. Of course, if I had any doubt about that, Asia put all that doubt to rest. But that is for another post.

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