Getting Back to Business


This photo is a summary of my life right now: two large dogs (plus the occasional brown interloper), my wonderful wife, spending as much time as possible in the outdoors, and staring at a pier with only two directions: backwards, or forwards off the edge into unfamiliar waters.

My 2017 New Year’s Resolution was to blog. Then 2017 happened, and I lost all interest/inclination/necessary energy to do so. Frankly, I’ve been depressed, overwhelmed by the sheer amount of crap there is to do to make our society better, and feeling pretty powerless to stop the steady slide of civilization into darkness. But that ends now. There are too many things to talk about, to fix, and I have many strong opinions. Now I’m getting back to business, and starting over again with my writing. Hello everyone still out there. Stay tuned for more really soon as I spend the next week gathering some (hopefully original) thoughts.

In the meantime, I also bought a domain name for myself. So now you can find this blog at (it’s just a redirect as of now, until I figure out what I want to do with the domain). I think this means I’ve officially arrived, and I’m very excited.


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