Mini-Post: Taking the Stairs? Good for You!

We have noticed that if there an opportunity to avoid physical exercise, most humans, Asian and white alike, will seize it. Rebecca and I typically take the other road, rather enjoying opportunities to stretch our legs, particularly while in transit. This usually surprises people. Here’s our adorable exchange from today’s visit to Bangkok airport as we approached the stairs next to the escalator:

Airline employee: *Audible gasp.* “Are you walking??”
Us, laughing: “…Yes…”
Airline employee, smiling: “Ex-er-cise!!!” *moves hands to simulate walking*

…And we’re off!

Danielle here. I am writing this entry from San Francisco International Airport, at the beginning of our voyage around the world. Our flight to Honolulu boards in 30 minutes, and then from there it’s on to Auckland. Rebecca and I have everything we need for our trip now, so we are all ready to go!
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