Beautiful Bali

BaliIt’s the last month of our nearly six-month trip, and we’re ready to come home. Travel has worn us out. And even though we couldn’t wait to get to Indonesia and were excited to see as much of it as we could, it’s just too large of a country to do justice in month. So we had a choice: spend the rest of our time island-hopping or stick to one island. We chose the latter, and decided to spend our time on Bali. And now that our brains have finally entered vacation-relaxation mode, I can say confidently that we made the right choice. Continue reading

Bay of Islands, the Last Leg of our New Zealand Adventure

Let me begin this post by saying that domestic air travel abroad is so easy, it makes me want to move every time I do it. New Zealand is now apart of that legacy, since our flight from Wellington to Auckland was pleasant, painless, and relatively cheap. The domestic terminal even had free wifi so yay for that! Continue reading