Mini-Post: Taking the Stairs? Good for You!

We have noticed that if there an opportunity to avoid physical exercise, most humans, Asian and white alike, will seize it. Rebecca and I typically take the other road, rather enjoying opportunities to stretch our legs, particularly while in transit. This usually surprises people. Here’s our adorable exchange from today’s visit to Bangkok airport as we approached the stairs next to the escalator:

Airline employee: *Audible gasp.* “Are you walking??”
Us, laughing: “…Yes…”
Airline employee, smiling: “Ex-er-cise!!!” *moves hands to simulate walking*


Watching the Olympics Makes Me Want to Work Out More

Shoes and dumbbell.

Working out is fun. For professionals.

Hello everyone and welcome to my new personal blog. Here, you will find entries about the things that I want to write about. It’ll be funny and witty and sometimes insightful. But right now, I just want to talk about my body image.

I posed a question to my partner earlier today: “Do you think the Olympics makes people go to the gym more?”

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