Auckland Transmedia


Just spent a few days in Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city. It reminded us of San Francisco, except the people are nicer, the streets are cleaner, and it has free wifi. There are a few things about free wifi that get me excited. First, if you are a traveler like I am and desperately need wifi for some reason, you don’t have to jump into an internet cafe or beg the nearest Starbucks to do what you need to do. Second, it’s all the things that the wifi allows you to do – like access handy maps, or learn about a particular area.
Which is why I was so pleased to see a QR code at my feet yesterday during our walk through the Auckland marina/harbor. The city gives you free wireless internet, so the tourism bureau gives you a change at a transmedia experience – a walking tour of Auckland’s picturesque waterfront. It’s a great way to give those who cannot pull themselves away from a screen a chance to experience their surroundings, and it’s an even better way to introduce visitors to the harbor – and encourage them to walk around and buy things. Plus, transmedia experiences are social, both for the group of travelers and for their friends on social media (because sharing is caring). Very well done, Auckland!