You Can Take it With You: Cultural Interpretations of Backpacking

If you travel, which we have had the luxury to do since college, you will see young people with giant backpacks at every destination you find. If you’ve found it, either from a book or from a friend’s recommendation, chances are a young European has found it, too. Hopefully, you will strike up a conversation with one of these intrepid explorers, and you will find out that he or she has been traveling for months and has another six months ahead of her. Months! What?? Continue reading


…And we’re off!

Danielle here. I am writing this entry from San Francisco International Airport, at the beginning of our voyage around the world. Our flight to Honolulu boards in 30 minutes, and then from there it’s on to Auckland. Rebecca and I have everything we need for our trip now, so we are all ready to go!
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