Mini-Post: Gatorade in Thailand


This is Gatorade, right? Anyone speak Thai?

Rebecca’s cousin recently informed me that the water we had been drinking throughout our travels in Thailand, the cheapest we could find, was distilled water. Distilled water, he informed us, leeches minerals out of your body, disrupting your electrolyte balance. So to counteract this, I decided to go with my tried-and-true method of rehydration: Gatorade. It has valuable electrolytes, and it’s something I’m familiar with; I’ll just water it down with my distilled water to counteract the sugar. Luckily, with Gatorade’s excellent branding, I was able to find a bottle even though I don’t speak Thai. So here’s to Gatorade, one of America’s most recognizable brands, for saving me from passing out on those hot Thai days.


Vietnamese Coffee with Milk

I never used to be a coffee drinker. I didn’t ever need the caffeine to wake up in the morning, and I never had to stay up late enough in college to be compelled to drink it at 11pm. I have a sensitivity to caffeine, so much so that after two successive days of coffee intake, I am hooked and need to drink it to avoid caffeine withdrawl. You would think this would be enough to keep me away from coffee forever, but I cannot pull myself away; I just like the taste. So as a coffee lover, coming to Vietnam was a little like being an opium addict and traveling to the poppy fields of Afghanistan. And I have been indulging, big time. Continue reading