The Last 3 Months


Moving is hard work.

In honor of the February 2015 release of the movie musical The Last 5 Years (a musical I adore and played in the pit orchestra for in college) starring my favorite actress Anna Kendrick, here’s a brief synopsis of the last three months of my life for those of you who haven’t been in touch with me. 

We returned from Asia. We went immediately to New Jersey. We had a small and wonderful wedding party with family friends and relatives I hadn’t seen in awhile. We came back to the Bay and saw friends. We drove a carload of stuff from the Bay to Boise, Idaho. We hung out in Boise for a week and a half. We went back into our Berkeley apartment and sold our stuff on CraigsList (and made a pretty penny, I might add). We drove to Los Angeles to visit family. We went to the cabin and swam in the North Fork of the Middle Fork of the Tule River. We acquired a car. We drove back to the Bay. We packed up the rest of our stuff. We drove our stuff to Boise, this time for good. We moved in with my wife’s parents.

That was 6 weeks of happenings, bringing us to August and the beginning of the job search process, which included (for me): cleaning up social media profiles, doing some volunteering, putting projects from the past up on my LinkedIn profile, doing job research, setting up several versions of my resume, writing cover letters, etc.

My partner was lucky enough to get a job by the end of August. I’m currently still looking, but mostly talking to people in hopes of attaining a position I like with people I really enjoy working with.

(Side note: For jobs I’m interested in but don’t know anyone, I’m considering just sending out my resume with cover letters that say “I’M HIGHLY CAPABLE AND LIKE INTERESTING PEOPLE.” Wouldn’t that just cut to the chase?)

I’ll leave it at that for now. More to come, since I’ve decided to pick up blogging again, so stay tuned!


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