Photo of the Day: Walking the Golden Gate Bridge

IMG_6369We walked the Golden Gate Bridge on Saturday and took some cool photos. The one to my left is my favorite. I think it captures that a) the Golden Gate Bridge is really long, b) it is lovely on the Marin side, and c) it is terrifyingly high.

All along the walk across, there are signs saying, essentially, Believe us, you don’t want to jump. Call these people instead. They’ll help you. Please don’t jump. My favorite sign – one for the “duh” category – was, “The consequences of jumping are fatal and tragic.” It’s a nice message that says, you’re worth something, don’t do this.

Now, I’ve never been in the truly desperate state of wanting to jump to my death, but if I had ever come close, this walk was enough to convince me that jumping this bridge would absolutely be the last way I’d want to die. Just looking over the edge straight down at the windsurfers made me hyperventilate, so I’m assured I’d never be able to go through with it.

Since I’ve now covered the morose, I’ll just say that the walk was splendid, if a little chilly. It was crowded on each side, but really opens up between the two towers. And watching the windsurfers – and kitesurfers, a term I learned on our walk – was thrilling. Pick a nice sunny day and DO IT!

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